The California Institute of Technology ("CIT"), will provide you or your company ("LICENSEE") an executable version of "MONitoring Agents Using a Large Integrated Service Architecture" - MonALISA - ("SOFTWARE"). The SOFTWARE is available to LICENSEE on the following terms:
  1. CIT agrees to grant a non-commercial, nonexclusive, non-transferable, royalty-free license without the right to sublicense to LICENSEE, and LICENSEE agrees to utilize the SOFTWARE for internal research purposes to the LICENSEE only. LICENSEE will not sell or distribute SOFTWARE for any commercial purpose whatsoever. LICENSEE may distribute SOFTWARE to other non-for-profit educational research institutions for non-commercial purposes only.

  2. The SOFTWARE is experimental in nature and is being licensed "as is". The license of the SOFTWARE does not include any technical support.

  3. None of the SOFTWARE provided may be used in commercial products or services directly or indirectly unless a license granting the right to use the SOFTWARE in commercial products or services is executed between CIT and LICENSEE. LICENSEE agrees that it will not license or sell the SOFTWARE or any other software, information or data that incorporate any part of the SOFTWARE, including derivative works thereof ("DERIVATIVES"), to any other parties.

  4. LICENSEE has not been granted any trademark license as part of this agreement and agrees not to use the name of CIT, California Institute of Technology, or Caltech for any purpose whatsoever.
  5. CIT will consider all requests for a commercial license, but shall be under no obligation to grant such license.

  6. LICENSEE agrees that any person within the LICENSEE utilizing the SOFTWARE will be advised of, and is subject to, the conditions in the Agreement.

  7. LICENSEE agrees that it will provide CIT with any modifications made to SOFTWARE by LICENSEE.