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NAGWare f95 syntax checker

Please enter the name of the file containing your Fortran program. Valid file extensions are .f .F .for .ftn .f90 .f95 .F90 .F95 .ff90 .ff95.
Once you have selected the file please click on the checkboxes relating to the compiler options you wish to use. An explanation of the various compiler options can be found at http://www.nag.co.uk/nagware/np/r50_doc/f95.html

'Implicit None' and 'Preprocess' -u -fpp

The following options require user provided information. Please enter this in the text box beside the option(s) chosen
-maxcontin no. of lines

The text area below is provided so that additional options can be entered. Each option should be separated by a comma, i.e. -Dname, -ieee=full

additional options